Kerry Foldoe BA, ADC-T

Kerry Foldoe BA, ADC-T

Treatment Coordinator - St. Cloud

Kerry has always worked in the helping profession. After high school, while in college, she worked as an in-home care giver for the developmentally disabled. She chose the recovery field for her career because she wants to help people.
Kerry is passionate about treating the "entire person". She specializes in accountability and will not work harder than her clients. She will, however, work just as hard as her clients! For the motivated individual she will ensure all their needs are met from housing to employment and beyond. She has been dubbed as the 'Queen of Collaboration' at Sobriety First and is often given high accolades from referral sources (e.g. probation, social services) for creating a platform of success for our clients.
When not at work she enjoys time with her husband and the family they have created. She loves being outdoors. Kerry is an amazing friend which makes sense given her helpful nature. She is a committed person who is meticulous in everything she does. You will never catch Kerry with a stray hair or messy vehicle! Her office and home provide a safe space for anyone who enters.
Kerry enjoys working at Sobriety First because of our person-centered environment. She enjoys the freedom to find the client resources that work for them, whatever they may be. She is grateful that she can express her passion of treating the "entire person" here.